This is a premium low hydrogen coated, all purpose, all position welding electrode, used in applications where weldability and strength are essential.

The 86,000 psi tensile strength and 32% elongation of this electrode make it a great choice for low- to high-alloy steel repairs. It should not be utilized in booms or structural steel since there is no test or parameters to have the HDR CWB approved.

A moisture-resistant welding electrode called Eagle HDR was created especially for welding on all kinds of heavy-duty construction machinery, including dozers, packers, scrapers, and graders. This low hydrogen electrode, which can be used in any position and is resistant to moisture, features a hot start tip with exceptional striking capabilities. A strong weld is produced by the Eagle HDR  and offers the weld the crucial ductility in high-stress locations.

An easy-to-use low hydrogen electrode is Eagle HDR. It works well in humid or rainy situations. Re strikes with ease. It is ideal for crack-sensitive steels exposed to significant vibration. Heavy duty mechanics can utilize Eagle HDR as a maintenance rod with ease. For corking cats and welding on reclaimed oilfield steels, farmers and contract welders adore using it. It is simple to weld and re-strike, and the flux typically rolls off for simple cleanup.

Strike your arc, place the rod almost flat against the base material, and gouge off the necessary material using a "sawing" motion. It can 'blow out' a lifting or tie-down eye or even a stuck track pin. 

For removing old welds and cracks, our 188 works excellent. DC straight polarity for a 1/8" rod set welder operating at 200 amps. As you saw back and forth, maintain the rod's tip on the metal by laying the rod flat at a 10-degree angle. Since there is no carbon buildup, your u-shaped hole may easily be filled with the necessary welding rod or alloy. 188 can cut mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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